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    Who We Are


    Established in 1996, WSEAS organizes conferences, seminars, short-courses and publishes high quality peer reviewed Journals and Books both electronically and in print. With 25 years of experience in scitech publishing, WSEAS produces journals and books that enable researchers, engineers, scientists, graduate students and managers within industry to remain up-to-date with the latest developments in their fields. The WSEAS staff would like to thank every single individual who has contributed and continues to contribute by their presence and paper submissions. We promise to work even harder in the future in order to continue to contribute to science for many more years to come.

    About WSEAS:
    WSEAS also offers research opportunities because it is involved in research projects. Many Summer Schools and Seminars have also been organized by the WSEAS in the last 25 years. Several research collaborations have been successfully completed and through those research projects many students received their Ph.D. by our collaborating universities.

    WSEAS Headquarters location 

    Egiou 3,
    Ampelokopi, 11521
    Athens, Greece
    0030 6986526484



    Prof. Charles A. Long,
    Professor Emeritus University of Wisconsin, USA
    E-mail: clong@uwsp.edu

    Prof. Pierre Borne,
    ex IEEE France Section Chair, IEEE Fellow, IEEE/SMC Past President
    Ecole Centrale de Lille, France
    E-mail: pierre.borne@centralelille.fr

    Prof. Michael N. Katehakis,
    Management Science and Information Systems Department
    Rutgers University, USA
    E-mail: mnk@business.rutgers.edu

    Prof. Klimis Ntalianis,
    University of West Attica, Greece
    E-mail: kntal@image.ntua.gr

    Prof. Bimal Kumar Bose (Life Fellow IEEE),
    The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
    Email: bose@eecs.utk.edu

    Prof. D. Subbaram Naidu (Fellow IEEE),
    University of Minnesota Duluth, USA
    Email: dsnaidu@d.umn.edu

    Prof. Tadeusz Kaczorek (Fellow IEEE),
    Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
    Email: kaczorek@ee.pw.edu.pl

    Prof. Panagiotis Agathoklis,
    University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
    Email: panagath@ece.uvic.ca

    Prof. Imre J. Rudas,
    Óbuda University, Hungary
    Email: rudas@uni-obuda.hu

    Prof. Philippe Dondon,
    ENSEIRB-MATMECA, École Nationale Supérieure d'Électronique
    Informatique et Radiocommunications de Bordeaux, France
    E-mail: Philippe.Dondon@enseirb-matmeca.fr

    Prof. Vincenzo Niola,
    University of Naples "Federico II", ITALY
    E-mail: vincenzo.niola@unina.it

    Prof. Ng Yin Kwee, Eddie (Fellow ASME[USA], FIETI[HK], FIET[UK]),
    Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, Singapore,
    Email: mykng@ntu.edu.sg

    Prof. Dora Foti,
    Department of Engineering and Architecture, Italy
    E-mail: d.foti@poliba.it

    Prof. Satya Shah,
    Department of Applied Engineering and Management
    University of Greenwich, UK
    E-mail: S.Shah@gre.ac.uk

    Prof. Igor Neelov, Head of International Laboratory, of Biopolymer and Biosytems
    Institute of Bioengineering, ITMO University, Russia
    E-mail: i.neelov@mail.ru

    Prof. Kostas G.Arvanitis,
    Agricultural University of Athens, School of Environment and Agricultural Engineering, Greece
    E-mail: karvan@aua.gr

    Prof. Xiaodong Zhuang,
    Qingdao University, China
    E-mail: xdzhuang@qdu.edu.cn

    Prof. Nikos Mastorakis,
    Technical University of Sofia,
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    E-mail: mastor@tu-sofia.bg

    Prof. Lucjan Setlak, Department of Avionics and Control Systems
    Polish Air Force University, Poland
    E-mail: l.setlak@law.mil.pl

    Prof. Badea Lepadatescu,
    Transylvania University of Brasov, Romania
    Email: eeesd.team@gmail.com, info@ieeesd.org, lepadatescu@unitbv.ro

    Prof. Ivan Kazachkov,
    Nizhyn Mykola Gogol State University, Ukraine
    Email: ivan.kazachkov@energy.kth.se

    Prof. Myriam Lazard,
    Institut Superieur d’Ingenierie de la Conception,
    University of Poitiers, France
    E-mail: myriam.lazard@univ-poitiers.fr

    Prof. John Kechagias,
    University of Thessaly, Greece
    E-mail: jkechag@teilar.gr

    Prof. Shahram Javadi,
    P.Porto University, Portugal and Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Iran
    E-mail: sh.javadi@gmail.com

    Prof. Yuriy S. Shmaliy,
    IEEE Fellow, Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico
    E-mail: shmaliy@ugtomx.onmicrosoft.com

    Prof. Paolo Mercorelli,
    Institute of Product and Process Innovation - PPI,
    Leuphana University of Lueneburg, Germany
    E-mail: paolo.mercorelli@leuphana.de

    Prof. Claudio Guarnaccia,
    University of Salerno, Italy
    E-mail: cguarnaccia@unisa.it



    Maria Makrynaki
    Publications Manager and Editing Department



    Bulletin Board


    Contact us


    Before the peer-review, each article in WSEAS Journals and Conferences are checked for possible plagiarism and self-plagiarism by Turnitin


    Before the peer-review  and after the anti-plagiarism control by Turnitin, we check the names of the authors and their affiliations very carefully. We also check using Google Scholar  if they have published enough papers in the last 5 years.


    Starting from January 1st, 2020, the articles in WSEAS Journals will have DOI by Crossref


    What do the Authors say about publishing in our Journals


    Prof. Nicholas Tritos from Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, joined us as Associate Editor in our Journal WSEAS Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine

    Prof. V.R.Singh Fellow-IEEE/EMBS-IMS, Fellow IET, National Physical Laboratory, India, joined us as Associate Editor in our Journal WSEAS Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine

    Prof. George Vachtsevanos, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, joined us as Co-Editor-in-Chief in our Journal WSEAS Transactions on Computers


     Google Scholar


    WSEAS participates now in Semantic Scholar search engine


    WSEAS Publication have digital preservation in Portico



    Before the peer-review  and after the anti-plagiarism control by Turnitin, we check the names of the authors and their affiliations very carefully. We also check using Google Scholar  if they have published enough papers in the last 5 years.